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Testimonials from Biomat customers

Willow Koerber image
"Hi Steve,

As a professional athlete, I am always looking for ways to recover quicker and improve my performance. The bio-mat has allowed me to relax after cold days of training and has given me the abilty to tap into endurance I never knew I had. I know that the bio-mat will be my secret weapon in my quest to be the World Champion!"

Willow Koerber
2010 World Champion
2009 Bonze Medalist
UCI Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships

February, 2010

Hannah Teter snowboarding image
"Hey Steve!

I am so in love with the Biomat because it gives my whole body a source of energized heat, that is much needed after coming down from cold, snowy mountain tops. I feel like my muscles relax so quickly that I wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and re-focused for a day of training, competing, or traveling. There is nothing in the world like it, and the benefits seem to be huge.

thanks again, p-e-a-c-e"

Hannah Teter
Silver Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe
2010 Vancouver, Canada Olympic Games (ed. 2/10)
Gold Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe
2006 Torino, Italy Olympic Games

October, 2009

Hannah has a special charity set up and can use your help, please visit

"Hi Steve,

I purchased the bio-mat for my 87 year old father. He has degenerated disc in his lower back and cannot tolerate surgery. He has been using the bio-mat every day since we received it. His pain is decreased. He was having pain in his legs as a result of his back and that is much improved as well. He was always cold and now using the bio-mat he can stay warm. He is very happy with the bio-mat. Thanks,"

Rhonda W.
March 11, 2014

"Hi Steve,

I have been using the bio-mat for a bit over 6 weeks and I love it. It is the most wonderful thing I have ever had in my life. It is wonderful.

While I was on vacation for 2 days two weeks ago, I didn't have my mat. Well, I can honestly say that it proved to me that the mat is a necessity. It only made me realize how important it is for me to be on the Biomat all the time. I sleep on it every night and am going to purchase a mini mat for vacations so my health conditions do not get worse while I am away..."

June 29th, 2007

"Kristina was on the mat - and she had pain before and after 30 min the pain was gone!


August, 2013

"Hi Steve,

I am noticing huge changes. I sleep better, and have more energy upon waking. The mat is worth its weight in gold. My husband is also waking up refreshed and has more energy.


Jacksonville, FL
February, 2007

"We are loving our Biomat! Thanks for the site information.

The day we got the mat and I lay on it, I felt my lungs get really warm, and felt better for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Bill's and my aches and pains are already much relieved. A couple of my clients have tried it and loved it.

We are very happy we bought it."

Bill and Jan
Big Sur, CA
May 2007

"I love it. Thank you."

Lansing, MI

"Hi Steve, I'm getting used to the bio-mat and have seen good benefits. Question: Can I use finger magnets (both pinky fingers only) safely while using the bio-mat? (ed. Yes they would be very beneficial) Thanks,"

Anne B.
March, 2009

"Hey Steve,
I love the bio-mat!! Thanks again."

Cleo B.
April, 2009

"My name is Joe, and my wife's name is Angie. We are both retired. I am retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years, and also from Lockhead Missile and Space Co. Inc., after 18 years. My wife retired from Hewlett Packard after 23 years. This time we feel that we want to share some recent findings with you regarding our experiences using the Bio-Mat and the Rejuvena 2000SL. We feel that our health and life-style is normal for a 70 years old male and a 62 years old female. We can personally recommend the Bio-Mat and the Rejuvena 2000SL reverse aging to all our love ones and to our friends for improved health physically and mentally. May God will bless us all always."

Joe D.

"I sleep on mine and I feel like I get an extra hour and a half of sleep each night."

Adam B.
Sacramento, CA
December 3rd, 2005

"My Bio Mat is wonderful. Yes I have noticed a big difference. Less aches in body.

I am addicted to it."

Joyce J.
January, 2008

"I have had high blood pressure and backpain for a long time. When my sister-in-law, Vicky, came to visit us, she told me about the amazing power of the Biomat. I went to the office in San Jose the following day and tried the Biomat. Since I felt for myself how good it is, I immediately ordered one of my own.

Thank you."

Leticia O.
San Jose

"Thank you. We love the bio-mats."

Linda O.
Bedford, NH

"I sleep on mine every night. My dog also loves it."

Steve M.
Sacramento, CA
June, 2006
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*Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. These studies have not been conducted using the Biomat and are only provided for informational purposes. The Biomat is not approved for any use other than what is stated in the User Manual. Richway and Fuji Bio Inc is neither responsible for nor endorses the contents on this page. Users of the Biomat should not expect results similar to the studies.

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